When is Labor Day in NH? – Monday 9/1/14 – Labor Day Safety Tips & Events

Safety Tips for a Fun-Filled Holiday in the Granite State

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. It is typically the last chance to throw a huge barbeque and pool party and to take a weekend getaway before school starts and the weather gets cooler. There are plenty of events across the state of New Hampshire to enjoy with the family. Because almost everyone makes plans to travel somewhere or plans to enjoy one last large gathering, Labor Day can also be a dangerous weekend. There are ways to get the most out of the long weekend and keep everyone safe at the same time.


There are several large events in New Hampshire that may require caution when traveling to enjoy. For those looking for rides, concerts, and family fun, the Lancaster Fair and the Just Ducky End of Summer Bash in Waterville, New Hampshire are idea destinations. For the craft lovers, a trip to the 25th Annual Craft Fair at the Bay and a visit to the Craft and Artisan Festival are both popular Labor Day destinations. There is also a craft fair in Contoocook NH. When traveling on the roadways to get to any of these events, always make sure you are well-rested and not distracted as being tired and distracted accounts for a great many car accidents. Also, be aware of the behavior of other drivers. If other drivers appear impaired, distracted, or are driving aggressively, keep a safe distance and call for help if necessary. Another driving tip is to be sure you and everyone else in the car is restrained properly. Taking your time is also important as rushing to get to somewhere causes accidents. The most important tip for drivers is to never drink and drive. Always plan ahead for a designated driver for your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road. This year, the National Safety Council Predicts that just over 400 car fatalities will occur over Labor Day weekend. Police announced there will be a sobriety checkpoint this weekend in Portsmouth NH area which was authorized by a Rockingham County Superior Court judge. By following these simple travel tips, you can avoid becoming a statistic and also avoid any unwanted legal troubles.

Safety Tips

There are other dangers associated with Labor Day. Some of these dangers can lead to serious injuries or put you in a position where you can be held liable for someone else’s injuries. Backyard barbeques are a given over the holiday weekend. Propane grills should always be used properly and by an adult. A propane accident can lead to burns and damage to a house. For those with a pool or attending a party at a pool, caution is also advised. There should always be an adult around if children are swimming. Responsible use of devices in a pool and safe play is also advised, as is refraining from drinking and swimming. Swimming or diving while under the influence can simply be deadly. Anyone with a pool should be aware of the liability if there are any injuries in the pool. The same cautions are advised for lakes or the ocean. You should always swim with others and not venture into lakes or larger bodies alone. Boat safety practices should also be followed. Boat accidents are not uncommon in New Hampshire as many people turn to boats for the perfect last summer weekend getaway. One big precaution is to never operate a boat while intoxicated. This is for your own safety and the safety of others.

Enjoy Time with Friends & Family

Labor Weekend should end with great memories and not become the memory of an incident you would rather forget. When accidents occur or when someone is injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another, whether it is on the road, in the water, or at a holiday barbeque, everyone involved should know their rights and what kind of legal action may be needed to right a wrong or compensate for damages or injuries. Keeping common sense safety tips in mind can ensure Labor Day weekend is safe and fun for everyone.

By Shepherd and Osborne


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