LADC Evaluation Laws in NH

A LADC evaluation is a substance abuse evaluation conducted by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC or MLADC). The appointment can take several hours, signing releases of information, collecting relevant information and may include urine drug testing, assessment questionnaires, and a bio/psycho/social interview.

According to the New Hampshire Alcohol and Drug Counselor Association, the “biopsychosocial interview includes your history of “everything.” It includes your alcohol and drug use history, legal history, social and relationship history, family history, medical history, and history of counseling or treatment, history of mental/emotion health concerns, strengths, weaknesses, education and work history and any other major life events that you have experienced. The goal is to draw an overall picture of your life and the impact alcohol and other drugs have on your goals and quality of life. The evaluation summarizes all of this information and then concludes with the counselor’s clinical impression and clinical recommendations.”

Since a LADC evaluation may be a requirement of the legal process, it is not a “medical necessity” and health insurance providers will not cover this non-medical assessment.  Also, we make sure your LADC evaluator is properly New Hampshire licensed and is thoroughly experienced with the judicial system that ordered the evaluation. Occasionally, a court may reject a substance abuse evaluation if the evaluator doesn’t meet the proper credentials. It is in your best interest to work with a LADC who is thoroughly experienced and credentialed with the judicial system that ordered the evaluation.

At Shepherd and Osborne, we work with several evaluators that have demonstrated a high level of professionalism and competence. If you need an evaluation, we can refer you to an experienced NH licensed clinician that will help address your particular needs.

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