Keeping Safe and Avoiding DUI on The Fourth of July in New Hampshire

Anywhere in the USA is celebration time during the Fourth of July.  It is a day for picnics, parades, parties, and fireworks.  All states, big or small, have their own traditions of celebrating Independence Day.   The state of New Hampshire is no exception, with its own array of fireworks displays, lively concerts, colorful parades, baseball matches, and activity-filled fairs. 

In many New Hampshire homes, families and friends get together to either do fireworks or watch these at parks, stadiums, or schoolyards.  Parties come with loads of food and drinks.  People get stuffed not just with delicious food but also alcohol.  And that’s just where the trouble starts.

The Fact is Anyone Can Get Arrested for DUI

Many Americans either couldn’t hold their own on drinks, or get carried away by all the drinking sprees during this holiday.  But many are not aware that even just two glasses of beer or wine can already elevate one’s BAC to over .08% or the “intoxicated” level.  Intoxication affects your alertness and judgment during driving.  This already doubles your risks of getting into an accident.  Moreover, you may be pulled over if officers notice something amiss with your driving (such as over speeding or improper lane switching) and be charged with DUI.   In fact, most DUI cases in New Hampshire as well as other states reach their peak during the Fourth of July holiday. 

New Hampshire laws on DUI are severe.  When you are given a New Hampshire driver’s license, you also granted implied consent that you are willing to subject yourself to sobriety tests anytime you are stopped by a New Hampshire officer.  Refusal to undergo tests will cause suspension of your driver’s license for 180 days. 

Being charged with DUI is expensive as well as troublesome.  Even a first offense DUI will result in license revocation for up to two years.  Fees are high, especially if injury or death resulted from an accident due to drunk driving.  Even the reinstatement fee is $100.  In repeat offenses, your vehicle will be rendered unavailable for driving and you face not only longer license suspensions but also jail terms.

Firework Safety

During this year’s Independence Day, make “Safety First” your tenet.  Teach your family to handle fireworks safely.  Don’t drink alcohol if you are the designated driver.  If it’s inevitable that you drink during the celebration, do assign someone reliable to be your designated driver, or spend the night at your host’s or a friend’s place.  Never assume that your drunken state can be relieved by coffee or will wear off in a couple of hours, because these are misconceptions.  Remember that once alcohol is in your bloodstream, it takes a few hours to wear off. 
If you do get stopped at a checkpoint, cooperate with the authorities.  You do have the right to refuse any sobriety tests or car searches on the road.  You also have the right to remain silent and to seek legal help for your case.

There are many competent lawyers in New Hampshire who are more than willing and qualified to handle your DUI case.  They can advise you on how best to respond to authorities when you are stopped or arrested for DUI.  They can also negotiate on your behalf when you need to be bailed out, as well as appeal for shorter jail terms and license suspensions.  As he is well-versed with the DUI laws of the state, let your New Hampshire criminal lawyer do the legwork and talking for you in court. 

By Shepherd and Osborne


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