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What Everyone Should Know Before Going Out This New Years!

Here at the law office of Shepherd and Osborne, we want to take this time to wish all a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and to share some important information that often gets overlooked this time of year.

This season can be a busy time for all and also a time to celebrate with family and friends.

During our celebrations it is important to celebrate responsibly. With all the rushing around the holidays bring it can sometimes encourage us to over celebrate at times.

We often forget how much we have had to drink. It’s important to know your limitations and when you’re out on the town or at a holiday party plan ahead on who is to drive or are we going to cab it.

It’s far cheaper to hire a cab than spend a night in jail and face losing your license for a DUI in NH.

The holidays should be a time of joy and not a time to be arrested and sitting behind bars. Not to put a damper on things but it’s important to know the reality that we face and how unexpectedly it can happen. We see it every day.

According to the NHTSA in 2010, 32,885 people lost their lives on America’s roadways in motor vehicle crashes. This figure is 2.9 percent lower than the 33,883 people who died in crashes in 2009 (998 fewer fatalities in 2010). Alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities declined by 4.9 percent in 2010. (These are fatalities in crashes involving a driver or motorcycle rider [operator] with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 grams per deciliter or greater.)

This percentage decrease was greater than the percentage decrease in overall motor vehicle crash fatalities from 2009 to 2010. The 10,228 alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities in 2010 accounted for 31 percent of overall fatalities, down slightly from the 32 percent in 2009 (10,759 alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities in 2009).

So remember to celebrate responsibly this year and start off 2012 with a positive note.Its not just your license you could be losing.

If you or someone you know have been arrested. We wanted you to know that we are available 24 hours a day to assist you a friend or loved one with consultation and representation.

Some case results from Clients whom we’ve represented DUI case results.

Facing a DWI?   

How does one fight a DWI charge? Every case is different. First, we have you plead not guilty in court. Then we request a hearing at the DMV whereby we challenge their efforts to revoke your license. We comb through the police reports to see if the officer even had sufficient reasons to arrest you. We examine and challenge the evidence that the police think proves you drove while you were impaired.

If the police believe that you’re driving was problematic, we go to the scene of your arrest. We inspect the same area. We drive the same streets that you drove on at the time of your arrest to see how good or poor the driving conditions are for ourselves.

Field Sobriety

If the police believe that you did not perform well on the field sobriety tests where you walk the line and touch your nose, then we look to see why. We inspect the surface area where you were told to do the tests. We inquire as to whether the officer properly instructed you on how to take these “tests”. We inquire as to whether you have any medical conditions that would have hindered your ability to perform these roadside contortions.

Road Block Hotspots in NH

3A on the Northbound side just south of Wal-Mart
Hudson, New Hampshire
Southbound Lane of NH I93 just past Franconia Notch
Franconia Notch, New Hampshire
Southbound I-95 between exits 18 and 19
Lebanon, New Hampshire
Bridge St westbound crossing Merrimack River
Manchester, New Hampshire
Route 28 N (in front of the Route 28 Mall)
Salem, New Hampshire
Rte 286 after bridge
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
Route 93
Hookset, New Hampshire
DWI Laws in NH?

We do not stop working for you until we have achieved the best result possible for your case.
Have a Safe and Happy Holiday from all of us at Shepherd and Osborne in Nashua, N.H. 03060
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We want you to know that we are available 24 hours a day to assist you, your friends or loved one with consultation and representation if necessary.

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