Fourth of July Laws and Safety Tips in New Hampshire (NH)

The Do’s and Don’ts for the Fourth of July in New Hampshire (NH)

At Shepherd and Osborne Law Office we want to keep people informed regarding Firework safety and simple common sense. Some things to think about before you celebrate and plan your 4th of July in NH.

The 4th of July is a National Holiday and is intended to celebrate and commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from The Kingdom of Great Britain on July 4th 1776.

Often this Holiday involves fun in the sun, cookouts, firework displays, and of course the refreshing taste of an ice cold beer, glass(s) of wine or mixed drink. Shooting off fireworks is fun and exciting, but when drinking is involved can turn into some unwanted behavior and unwanted encounters with local authorities.

Avoid being arrested for Public Drunkenness and unlawful use of fireworks.

Follow These Firework and Alcohol Safety Tips:

•    Don’t Drink and Light Off Fireworks

•    Read and Follow The Fireworks Label and Directions.

•    Heed The Laws In Your State

•    Always Have An Adult Present When Lighting Off Fireworks.

•    Use Fireworks Outdoors Only.

•    If The Firework Does Not Light, Douse With Water And Move Away from It

•    Do Not Light More Than One At A Time.

•    Never Throw Fireworks Into A Fire Pit

•    Keep Away From Heat And Fire When Being Stored

•    Do Not Shoot Fireworks At Another Person.

•    Never Put Anything On Top Of An Explosive Firework.

•    Have a Water Hose or Bucket of Water Near By

•    Clean Up All Debris Left Behind From The Fireworks

Be considerate if celebrating in A public place, e.g. beach, park etc…We see a lot of Disorderly Conduct cases around this Holiday and summer celebrations.

Disorderly Conduct Violations in NH Consists of:

1) Creating a condition in public that is hazardous and serves no legitimate purpose,

2) Fighting in public,

3) Engaging in violent or tumultuous behavior in public;

4) Engaging in threatening behavior in public;

5) Being obscene in public;

6) Acting in a way that can evoke a violent reaction in public;

7) Saying or yelling things in a public place that could offend someone;

8) Saying or yelling offensive things in a private place that could be heard in a public place;

If Encountered By Police You Should:

•    When the officer walks up to you, be polite

•    Have someone who has NOT been drinking talk to Police

•    Do not admit to having had more than one drink

•    Do NOT take any field sobriety tests

•    Assume that you are being recorded

Firework Laws in NH

Firework FAQ’s

Mark and Justin will be standing by!  Please call us if you have any questions or immediate needs.


Make your 4th of July Holiday Free from Accidents and Police
Happy 4th of July!

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