Celebrating 91 Years – NH Bike Week in Laconia 2014

With more than 90 years under its belt and counting, the annual Laconia Bike Week in New Hampshire which starts this year on June 14th and ends June 22nd is often considered the Oldest National Motorcycle Rally and is one of the biggest bike events in the United States. Every year, motorcycle enthusiasts gather together at the event for live concert, contests, rallies, bike shows, and more. But, when did the Laconia Bike Week actually start?

The Laconia Bike Week was officially established in the 1920s, but it can trace its root a few years back in 1916. In 1916, a larger group of bikers gathered together at the Weirs for several days during the summer time. The year after, the Federation of American Motorcyclists sanctioned the Gypsy Tour and a hill climb along with other races were held around the Lakes Region.

As the 1920s and 1930s, the tour continued to gain popularity as more and more events, races, and shows were promoted during the tour. In the late 1930s, road racing was established; attracting more bikers from around the country and the tour was renamed to Laconia Motorcycle Week

After the 1940s and onwards, the Laconia Motorcycle Week’s popularity continued to increase as motorcycling became a counter cultural icon, and in the 1990s the event was officially stated to end on Father’s Day, however it is currently set to start on Father’s Day.

Where to Stay During Laconia Bike Week

Laconia is a small area with a limited amount of lodging, so it is best to book ahead in late winter before you attend Laconia Bike Week. Make sure you send out emails to smaller, family owned establishments as they are seasonal and may not answer phone calls.

You can also check out the Laconia Bike Week Insider for information on hotels and campgrounds in the area, organized by their distance to the Weirs Beach. Make sure you check out the full list of lodging for bike week.

Hotels and campgrounds that are within one mile of the action include Paugus Bay Campground, Lake Winnipesaukee Motel, Bay Top Motel, Proctors Lakehouse Cottage, and the Summit Resort.

How to Avoid DWI

Along with the fun and excitement of Laconia Bike Week is quite a bit of drinking. Although drinking is common at the event, it can become a legal problem as many attendees face being arrested for a NH DWI. Follow these following commonsense tips to prevent the risk for a DWI arrest:

•    Wait at least 6 hours after drinking before you drive
•    Eat a good meal before drinking
•    Have the phone number to a local cab company
•    Limit the amount of alcohol you consume
•    Assign a designated driver

If you need to go somewhere but you are not sober, ask someone who is.
If you do have an encounter with police and get arrested for a DUI or other criminal offense then it would be in your best interest to get a hold of an experienced motorcycle DUI/DWI attorney in NH.

By Shepherd and Osborne


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