Avoid DUI this Memorial Day in New Hampshire

Memorial Day weekend is a much-anticipated holiday weekend everywhere, but nowhere as much as in the beautiful New England states. It heralds the beginning of warmer weather, cookouts, bonfires, drinking and having a great time with family and friends.

Drink Responsibly

Unfortunately, sometimes the good times get taken a little too far and inevitable someone ends up with a DUI charge after an especially good time over the holiday weekend. This is when it is important to find a competent DUI attorney in the area who is well-versed in New Hampshire DUI law. Of course the best and safest decision is to make certain you are not drinking and driving at all, so please make sure to be responsible and limit your alcohol consumption or make certain you have a designated driver. However, since things do happen, make sure you have a plan of action and the name of a few good DUI attorneys in the New Hampshire area. Events such as the Memorial Day Weekend Craft Festival in Meredith NH or one of the various fireworks events celebrating the official beginning of summer make it easy to get caught up in the excitement of the holiday and spending time with good friends.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is optimum, making certain you keep a clear head and don’t overindulge before getting behind the wheel, but should you run into trouble, there are many experienced attorneys available to help you avoid the worst of the iron fist of the law in “The Granite State”!

To clarify, this is by no means a suggestion or a free pass to behave irresponsibly and then turn to a lawyer in an attempt to avoid the consequences of bad decisions; whether you are celebrating close to home or traveling some distance, it is still your responsibility first and foremost to ensure your safety as well as that of the other drivers you are sharing the road with. Should you fail to do so, a DUI attorney can help you circumnavigate the legal process only in order to reduce the legal consequences to yourself, not to eliminate them entirely. These attorneys are experienced in the specific processes involved with drinking-and-driving laws and how the local courts deal with such matters, what can and cannot be done to lessen the ramifications to the offender, and how best to assure that the offense will not be committed again. These situations require a win-win outcome, and by working out a compromise with the court system while at the same time seeing to it that the offender does learn a lesson that will guarantee no repeat offenses, the seasoned DUI attorney negotiates a conclusion to the matter that is satisfactory to everyone.

Don’t Go It Alone

It is imperative that you not attempt to handle such a serious matter in court alone, as the consequences can be severe and can affect you far into the future. Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney at your side is a necessity in order to lessen the damage to yourself and your record, which can have far-reaching, long-term effects. Again, the best plan of action is to behave responsible and avoid these problems altogether, but should things get out of hand, make certain you contact a competent, reputable New Hampshire DUI attorney.

By Shepherd and Osborne


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