Avoid a Police Encounter in NH – Memorial Day Safety Tips 2013

Memorial Day Events and Safety Tips in New Hampshire May 27, 2013

New Hampshire Patrols will be on high alert this Memorial Day weekend. They will be patrolling for any drivers who could be impaired and behind the wheel.

This includes not only alcohol related incidents but some new DWI Laws that came out in New Hampshire this year which now includes drug related impairment, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, chemical substances, natural or synthetic, which impairs a person’s ability to drive.

State troopers updated the public this week on what measures will be taken over the holiday weekend. They sent a strong message (Arrive Alive) and that their goal is to make safety a top priority.

Police and troopers are trained and will be looking for a number of things.

Things to Be Aware of Are:

•    Sobriety checkpoint
•    Seat belt enforcement
•    Cell phone use
•    Illegal street racing
•    Underage drinking
•    Alcohol use at state parks and beaches
•    Unmarked vehicles
•    Aircraft patrol

Enjoy the holiday responsibly so, please keep these tips in mind as you venture out on this festive day.

Driving Tips for Memorial Day:

If You Are Planning on Drinking
•    Drink responsibly
•    Make sure you eat before your drink
•    Have a designated driver (you might even consider being a designated driver and hold off on drinking until you get home)
•    Stay home
•    Know your limit BEFORE you start drinking – this is not the day to be doing a test run
•    Have the numbers of a few taxi companies in your wallet or purse (the cost of a taxi ride is much cheaper than the attorney’s fees you will be paying if you get arrested for dwi, in addition to the court fines, higher insurance premiums, towing fees, bail, etc.)

In fact when you add it all up, it’s cheaper to hire a helicopter to fly you home than it is to deal with DWI charges!
To Summarize follow these simple precautions – Buckle Up – Don’t mix alcohol and drugs – Don’t drive distracted and don’t speed – Be courteous and use good common sense.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

By Shepherd and Osborne

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